Is your know-how well protected?

The EU Trade Secrets Directive sets up a standard for trade secret protection across the EU, introducing more certainty. In order to protect their trade secrets, companies should treat them as valuable and secret, and ensure to have a proof of having done so. Having undertaken the appropriate steps is crucial in case of misappropriation, when your company claims indemnization for the experienced damage.

Intelligence Loss Prevention Audit [ILPA]

  • 1. Inventory

    Total asset inventory of a company, regardless of size and complexity, including tangible, financial and intangible assets.

  • 2. Reviewing access routes

    A review on access and access routes to crtitical information, categorized by business units, departments and staff.

  • 3. Gaining control

    The control of all transfer of knowledge, information and data between external companies requiring non-disclosure agreements or a revision/extension of existing contractual agreements

  • 4. Closing ports

    An examination of all physical access points to information classified as secret, aiming at the introduction or enhancement of electronic protective means.

  • 5. Staff

    Education of employees about the value of trade secrets
    for your company, and training sessions.

EU 2016/943