Materialize Know-how

Within your company, BizIOs moderate those processes related to intellectual property, building the link between product development, marketing and patent attorneys. We deliver support for your business development activities. Consolidating captured intangible assets with market analyses and customer needs, BizIOs will help your company to access new business opportunities.


Know-how and trade secrets are intangible assets and may be used to generate significant economic value. For example, costs associated with developing intangibles internally through expenditures such as research and development and advertising, can be capitalised rather than expensed. BizIOs support you in mining, managing and exploiting your company's know-how.


In the course of the process of product development, markets keep evolving. BizIOs support your development departments to stay in pace with market dynamics.


Your customers and business partners, within their
business and economic environment, deliver the most valuable information input, for the development and promotion of your own business model and products. BizIOs support your company to make this knowledge accountable

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